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Processional Songs| 2016 Edition

When it comes time to planning a wedding, every detail has to be thought of. From the dress to the venue, and all the way to how you will walk down the aisle. It is a daunting task to plan a wedding. When you are thinking about the music to play during the entire wedding, that can be very nerve-wracking. Usually the DJ knows a great mix to play for the reception, especially since they are all fun and exciting songs! But for that walk down the aisle to your future, what music do you play? Do you go with old classics or new moderns? Well we've conjured up a playlist that will be the hit at any wedding.

If you don't want to really mess with the processional song, going classic is the choice for you. It is the timeless tale of walking down the aisle to that "da daaa da da" beat. However, if you don't want that classic violin music, there are plenty of remakes of this song from the piano to the electric guitar.

It has a natural and upbeat tone to the entire that song that it will just put a smile on everyone's faces. It is a song that is memorable. Everyone will be excited to watch you walk down the aisle while you are also smiling as you see your future spouse. And you can never go wrong with The Beetles!

Now before you say anything about it being a One Direction song, just remember, that the lyrics are a great choice, and The Piano Guys took it to the next level with their piano and cello rendition. You can't even tell that it was originally a pop song played on the Top 40, and if you do know the words, you can see how this is such a beautiful choice.

This song just tells a beautiful story about the engagement and getting to the place you and your spouse are at right now. It's a way to share your story with everyone during the wedding, and we think it's just a sweet song. There are plenty of renditions to the song if you don't want the original, and get it to sound like a classic 4-cortet piece.

This is a throwback, but it is also one of our favorites! It reminds us of the movie A Cinderella Story with Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray where she looks like a princess and he's dressed as a prince. It's a classic love story that got the happy ending it deserved, and it would be a lovely song to walk down the aisle to.

If you are looking for a similar piece to "Here Comes The Bride" but with a modern twist, this is the choice for you. From the soundtrack of the Titanic, Emile Pandolfi creates a rendition that is not only captivating but has that classic sound to it! However, if you do love the original more, use that one because either way, you can't go wrong!

This is the modern take on the original song, so it fits perfectly in our list of 2016 processional songs. Michale Bublé doesn't mess up the Frank Sinatra version, but instead redefines it so it can fit with the modern times. We just hear love every time we listen to this song!

Hailey Reinhart does an amazing rendition that creates a softer toned version to the classic song. It allows for a slower paced entrance but still walking in to a classic love song. Her voice is captivating and will probably make you cry (or we might be the only ones).

If you're looking for a more modern song and a country twist, this song is perfect! Instead of it being slow and played on the piano or violin, Blake Shelton's song is one that you would hear on the radio, but only on certain stations. The drums and guitar create a beat that is electrifying and yet there is still a love story being told.

This song's lyrics is just perfection! You can either play this song with the lyrics or just play the music. Either way, most people know what song is being played and the lyrics too. It has the classic beat from the piano, but John Legend's voice is so soothing that it will make any feelings go away except for the one of you looking at your future spouse right in front of you.

The Lion King had one of the prettiest soundtracks of all time and it is because of Elton John. This piece is composed beautifully, and honestly says everything you hope is in a processional song. It's modern yet classic, original yet known, and romantic yet funny. It is the perfect piece!

These are all songs that have been played in Disney princess movies: Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Aladdin, Tangled, The Little Mermaid, and Cinderella respectively. We are obsessed with Disney princess movies, and we feel like these songs captivate love perfectly. You can either play the original (never can go wrong) or play a rendition, because there are so many beautiful ones, that it was hard to choose!

Here is our list of unique and different songs! The list could go on for ever, but we decided to stop here. Honestly, whatever song you choose will be wonderful because it is for you and future spouse. No one will care that you didn't play the classic "Here Comes The Bride" down the aisle because everyone will be looking at you.

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