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Love in a Time of Quarantine

Pre-wedding day nerves are common for any couple about to tie the knot. However, instead of getting the jitters over bad weather or the simple thought of just making it down the aisle, those with wedding dates in 2020 are being hit with the stress of a world-wide pandemic.

As the reality of COVID-19 sets in, couples are facing the challenging decision of keeping their wedding date the same, postponing, or canceling their special day altogether.

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For anyone postponing their wedding day or continuing their wedding planning, here are a couple of ways to make the most of your special day:

Start communicating with your guests NOW. Find out which family members and friends are at risk for potentially being unable to attend due to travel or health reasons within the next year. (If you are postponing, this step will be beneficial while picking your new date!)

Think about live streaming your ceremony. Sharing a live video of your ceremony with loved ones and friends who are unable to attend in person is a great way to keep them included in your day! Have someone set up a Facebook Live or Instagram Live to capture the special moments.

Time to Save Money! By postponing your wedding date, this provides you with a unique opportunity to save money. This can help pay off some of the costs or even save for those smaller details you omitted from your original budget. For example, stationary or even fireworks are another layer of detail that can now be added to create your dream wedding day! Now is a great time to save up for those luxury items that will make your wedding one-of-a-kind.

Honeymoon Fund. Saving money also gives you the opportunity to plan for a honeymoon or even upgrade your honeymoon travels. Maybe book the excursion you wanted, upgrade your resort, or even plan a nice, romantic dinner for the two of you while you are vacationing!

New Season, New Style. Moving your date from one season to another? The fun part about wedding planning is that there are so many themes, colors, and decorations to play around with. You have the opportunity to change those color palettes, test out new ideas, and get inspired! (Pinterest is a great tool and resource for those looking for some wedding inspiration.)

Focus on the big picture. When the day finally comes, all of this stress will be far behind you, and you will celebrate more than ever! Focus on your end goal: TYING THE KNOT! If your heart is set on your initial date, think about planning a small ceremony on your original day and having the big celebration later on. The whole purpose of getting married is joining together with your person. Think about how blessed you are! You’ve found your person– that’s already a HUGE accomplishment. Love is not postponed or cancelled by any means and you are already another day closer to saying ‘I Do.’

At the end of the day, staying positive and finding silver linings during this time is extremely beneficial. Choose to look on the bright side! Your wedding coordinators are here to remind you that Plan B isn’t worse than Plan A. It’s just a different plan, and we are here to help you every step of the way!

-xoxo Bella Rose Coordinators

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