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Dire, Last Minute Details Couples Can’t Forget!

It is a couple of days before your wedding and the excited nerves are kicking in! Days before your special day there will be a lot going on, so it is extremely easy to leave out some key details that will help you during your special day. We are here to help you out with those last-minute errands that many couples miss on the day of their wedding! Below we detail 5 of the most common things that couples forget so you can be sure not to forget them yourself!

1. Your Marriage License!!

Believe it or not, many couples forget their marriage license on the day of the wedding due to all of the excitement and anticipation leading up to all of the FUN they are about to have after tying the knot! To avoid forgetting it, place it in a folder and pack it into your wedding-day bag at least a week prior. After the license has been signed, your officiant will take it with him/her to file with the county, which will result in you receiving your marriage certificate!

2. Bridal Suite Supplies

It is important to remember to pack small items that you may need while getting ready in your suite! Hairspray, bobby pins, phone chargers, wipes, and static guard are just a few items that many people forget to bring while getting ready for the ceremony. Staying hydrated and energized throughout the day is also extremely important, so we suggest bringing snacks and water for you and your bridal party to snack on throughout the day. Pay special attention to your water intake so that you can party throughout the night!

3. Cake Serving Set and Champagne Flutes

Who doesn’t love cake and champagne!? While most caterers supply champagne flutes for toasts, many couples choose to buy their own, personalized flutes so that they can use them again during special milestones. Many newlyweds also get their flutes photographed on their sweet-heart table, creating cute, personalized décor photos. Cake serving sets can also be personalized and they are essential for cake-cutting time! Whichever cute design you choose for your serving set will also be photographed along with your wedding cake!

4. Prepare Thank You Cards & Tip Envelopes

Be sure to prepare any tips or thank you cards in separate envelopes ahead of time for any vendors that you wish to thank or tip for their hard work. For some vendors, their tip is already included within their package price, so be sure to ask your vendors ahead of time or check your contract, so you’ll have that ready to go. You can even have a family member or friend be in charge of passing out these envelopes before or after the wedding.

5. Designating Cleanup Roles

Many couples are so excited about making a memorable grand exit that they forget to designate people to be in charge of collecting all of their items and alcohol at the end of the night. The easiest way to do this is to make a list ahead of time, dedicating friends or family members to be in charge of picking up specific items. Labeling boxes is also an easy way for those family members or friends to know where to place décor items at the end of the night. By designating cleanup roles ahead of time, this will ensure stress-free cleanup and you will have peace of mind knowing that your items are safe.

It’s the little details that go a long way on your special day!


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