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Boomin' Booths

Over the last decade, photo booths have become one of the top wedding and party rentals in the U.S. As any event planner can tell you, they're fantastic fun and a great party favor for all your guests that they'll actually want to keep!

Now, with the evolution of image capturing technology, we've seen an entirely new booth boom - video booths!


From red carpets to weddings, videos perfectly spotlight fashion statements and lovable personalities. They're a nice addition to a social media feed and definitely something out of the ordinary.

Check out these awesome video booth options below!

  • 360 Booth

  • 180 Booth

  • Slow Motion Booth

  • Cinematic Video Portraits

  • Clipp Booth

What a perfect way to add a "WOW" factor to your wedding without having to break the bank! It's your special day! Why not capture it on video?

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