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Bridal Shop: Say YES to these Dress Trends

If you are a 2020, 2021, or 2022 bride, you may be on the hunt for your dream wedding dress! The good news is that no matter your shape, style, or vision for your wedding, there is a special dress out there for you – and your budget. Right now there’s never been more choices for brides tying the knot! However, while this is a fabulous luxury, it can be somewhat overwhelming for those finding it difficult to narrow down their options. To help you get started with your dress search, we’re bringing you the most popular dress trends every 2020 (and 2021, 2022) bride will be fantasizing over!


The one trend that never goes out of style? SPARKLES! Shimmering from head to toe on your wedding day will ensure that you are dressed to impress. Sun-drenched settings will give you an iridescent glow. Everyone deserves to sparkle on their big day!


Brides nowadays are straying away from the traditional white gown more than ever! Whether you want to rock a unique fashion piece, or you simply want to incorporate your favorite color into the big day, we’re all for mixing things up and slaying in a colorful wedding dress! Colorful dresses are full of personality and are a standout choice for brides envisioning a unique, modern-themed wedding.


Off-the-shoulder wedding dresses are a popular staple and will not be going anywhere anytime soon. Designers are starting to get creative with the fabric they use for draping off-the-shoulder, whether it be lace details, beads, or puffy sleeves. The off-the-shoulder wedding gown gives off elegant minimalism while staying true to its romantic silhouette!


With gown styles from princess ball gowns to sheer sheaths, light-as-air gowns have taken over! Effortless fabrics give off a lighter look without any additional bulk. Airy wedding dresses are perfect for brides looking to hit the dance floor without feeling weighed down or bulky!


You may have thought that ruffles died in the 80s along with puffy sleeves and big hair, but the fashion industry has brought back this popular trend for all brides to twirl around in on their wedding day. Indulge your inner material girl with a ruffly skirt or cascading ruffles on your wedding gown! Ruffles bring a sense of frilly, feminine detail to your gown while adding dimension and shape. They are the ultimate detail to create a whimsical and fashion forward look on your special day!


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