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Engagement Session Ideas

Let’s say you want to take engagement pictures but don’t know where to look or where to go? Bella Rose Estate has some of the perfect inspo pictures for your engagement sessions!

Here are our favorite ideas:

At Home Shoot

This cute indoors shoot has us gushing over this couple. You can easily do this shoot at the comfort of your own house! This can definitely show the intimacy between you two and just look how fun and carefree this couple looks! If your room isn’t aesthetically pleasing, you can always rent out an AirBnb!

Outdoors Shoot

So maybe your walls are painted yellow so the lighting just looks off, or maybe your room isn’t photogenic. No worries, outdoors shoot are just as fun! Arizona has locations less than a 20 min that might be perfect for you and your significant other. For a desert shoot, you can go to Papago Park, Superstition Mountain, and South Mountain. If you want a little water in your engagement session, check out Salt Lake River and if you don’t mind a little drive and hike, check out Cibecue Falls. You can also drive up to Flagstaff or Sedona for more outside theme!

Photo by Kali M Photos

Photo by Kali M Photos

Photo by Kali M Photos

Location Shoot

Maybe it’s too hot outside since Arizona is summer all year long and you don’t want to do an in home shoot. Our last option, and our favorite, is in doors location shoot! You can shoot at a record store, ice cream shop, library, or coffee shop. Basically anywhere with good lighting! Just make sure you ask the owner for permission first, otherwise you’ll get kicked out and no one wants that! We love these types of shoot because it’s so adventurous and definitely something different.

Photo by Kali M Photos

We hope you find these ideas helpful and we’d love to see what you and your significant do for your engagement shoot! Congrats on being engage and don’t forget to book with us for your big day!

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