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Bridal Buddy Saves The Day!

Wedding dresses are gorgeous, but we often forget how heavy they can be! Your team of bridesmaids end up having to assist you with putting on the dress and then holding it for you every time you need to use the restroom. This has been an exhausting and awkward part of the wedding day until now! The Bridal Buddy is here to save brides from the hassle!

The hit invention from Shark Tank is taking over the bridal world one wedding at a time. Built like a thin slip to go under your dress, it’s adjustable to any sized bride and requires no extra assistance. You simply lift your dress, pull up the bridal buddy around it and your dress into it, put your arms through the arm holes on either side, and pull the string tight (see video below).

We pride ourselves at Bella Rose Estate with having the foresight to prevent wedding disasters and to providing our couples with experienced advice. It’s our opinion that your dream day should be stress-free, especially when using the restroom! We highly recommend checking out the Bridal Buddy so that you can spend more time shimmying on the dance floor and less time trying to shimmy in and out of a dress.

(Photo By: Karlee K Photography)

Happy wedding planning!

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