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Prepping For Your Day (Nails, Hair, Skin Care, Makeup)

With your big wedding day coming up, we need to make sure that you'll be looking your absolute best. You probably already have the perfect wedding dress plan out but what about your skin, nails and hair? Here are some tips for prepping for the big day as well as some local businesses in Chandler, Arizona.

Nails. You have plenty of options your nails. We can do a regular polish manicure, gel polish manicure, SNS (powder dip), acrylics, or hard/liquid gel.

Regular polish typically last 3-5 days. Since it has such a short life span, we don't really recommend this unless you're getting your nails done the day before. If you're planning on getting your nails done a week before your wedding, then the other options are more for your. Gel polish and SNS lasts typically 2-3 weeks. SNS is slightly stronger than gel polish, so if you like that thick feeling in your nails then SNS is more for you.

Tip: SNS might be a little tricky since salons has a color palette for you to choose from and usually the color palette has a WHITE base and since your natural nails aren't white, the color will differ depending on your skin tone.

Hair. Your hair will frame your face, this is not a good time to be trying out new styles like bangs or going short. Keep your hair looking fresh with low-lights or high-lights.

Skin care. Start your skincare routine and facials months in advance! There is a new procedure that have recently surfaced the market: microneedling. Microneedling can be a little pricey but definitely worth it.

Makeup. Always do a trail makeup run with your makeup artist. Make sure you and your artist are clear on what to expect in your wedding day. Don't worry about what products your artist use. Most of the time, many brides and bridesmaids hire artist who uses high end brands but just because the product is more expensive doesn't mean they're always better. Your concern should be the durability rather than name brands.

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