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Why You'll Have the Perfect Wedding Day

With all of the overwhelming pressure of planning, questions, what ifs, blog posts, and endless Pinterest binges, it can be hard to stay focused on the big picture. With that being your actual wedding day, we want this blog post to be seen as a huge reminder to all you planning brides and grooms: everything, and we mean everything is going to be perfect. We know the “P” word shouldn’t be thrown around so loosely but we even want to promise this as the word that will sum up your wedding day. We know, how bold of us, but keep reading to find out why we are so self-assured about your wedding day.

Because of The One You’re Marrying

When you decided to marry this person, we hope the thought of planning a wedding with them meant an equal stressor for both of you. While their idea of help might not mean an eye for bouquet colors or good taste in décor, hopefully it means a knack for calming you down or taking you out for some fun every now and then. And most importantly, we hope seeing them at the end of the aisle on that day means that all of the stress falls to the way side. Never forget why you are there for each other and getting married in the first place- to be there for and love one another.

Because of Them

“Them” can go in many different directions. Whether it be your maid of honor, bridesmaids, family, or friends, make sure to find that mental, emotional, and physical support from your loved ones. Those who truly love and care for you will do anything to make sure your day turns out perfect. Because they know that is what you and your fiancé deserve. We can’t tell you how many times we have seen a supportive uncle walk his niece down the aisle. Or how many times we saw a big group of cousins attend the wedding earlier in the bride just to make sure all of the decorations were in place and to the bride’s liking. When things seem to get to hectic, find solace and outsourced knowledge from those you love. Everyone in the family has something to bring to the table. And now that there is two of you, remember that means two families!

Because of You

While you have the support you need from the main players in the wedding game, do not forget to thank yourself for giving you and your significant other one of the best days you’ll ever have together. It was because of you that you had the best MOH and bridesmaids. It’s because of you that you chose to marry the best person in the world. It’s because of you that these people were so supportive of someone they love and care for. When you think back to all of the stress and hair pulling you went through to choose a cake design, you’ll have no issue giving yourself major props.

We hope that these reminders help put things into perspective. Since your wedding day is meant to be beautiful and stress free, this inevitably means some stress in the process of creating that type of day. As we always say, use your resources. In this case, use the love and support of your closest people to help ease the stress and get you back into your happy place. When it’s all said and done, just remember to thank those who helped you along the way. After all, it’s usually the whom rather than the what that made your day so perfect.

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