Top Florals for Spring 2017

A word we would use to sum up this Spring’s floral trends: subtle. It’s no surprise that muted tones and greenery is one of this year’s wedding trends, but we want to break it down into something a little simpler- the arrangement of florals! Whether it’s the details in your bouquet or the crowns on your flower girls’ head, you’ll definitely want to consider these colors and tones for your Spring 2017 wedding.


When we think of an elegant wedding we think one with dahlias, calla lilies, orchids, or hydrangeas. These florals work so well with weddings that are going for a simple yet elegant tone with little-to-no pops of color. These florals are becoming such a huge hit due to their prettiness and formal look. They are great for pictures and surprisingly not heavy to carry around all night.

Photo via AZ Photos

Give us More Green

We’ve said it before and we’re happy to say it again, this year is all about the greenery! You might think that pops of color in a bouquet or décor is mandatory but this so isn’t the case anymore. Due to there being are so many different shades of green, the opportunities for arrangements are endless. Think muted olive branch greens paired with lighter foliage as an example. Go crazy with this one, as it is a very forgiving option for wedding bouquets and décor!

Photo via Chelsea Morgan Photography