Unique Guestbook Ideas

The theme has become being unique and different for your wedding. This includes everything! Not only are you trying to make your color scheme different, unique ways of having decorations, and where even you host your wedding, but it has even come to the guestbook. People are wanting something that is memorable and different, and the old, simple guestbook won't cut it anymore.

It can be challenging on deciding what guestbook is best for your wedding. This is something you don't want to mess up since it will have the signatures and well-wishes from all of your guests! We promise, by picking one of the items on this list, you won't regret it.

Here is our list of unique guestbook ideas:

1. Wood board

The rustic theme is in full swing, and having everyone sign it, makes it a wonderful piece of artwork and decoration for your home!

2. Jenga Set

The inspiration behind this idea is "build memories." By having everyone put their favorite memory of you on a jenga piece, not only are you making it unique, but you are making it fun.

3. Big Letter

Get a giant letter of the last name and have guests sign this. Again, great piece of decor for the home, and it is something that is personalized to the two of you.