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10 Creative Wedding Favors

It's almost the end of 2016, and that means there have been so many weddings! You want to give your guests something that will be memorable, but also useful.

Here are our Top Ten Creative Wedding Favors:

1. Drink Kit (alcoholic or non)

By giving something that they can do on their own, your guests will surely be thankful! This can be from anything like a hangover kit to a hot chocolate kit. Alcohol or not, the wedding guests will love these favors. It's a gift that can resonate well with adults and children, and everyone will be extremely excited from a gift like this!

2. Champagne or Wine

It's a time of celebration so why not give bottles of Champagne or wine? These can be mini, which is definitely more affordable and a wonderful gift. It's a great parting gift for guests, and a great end to an amazing night! Don't forget to add a cute thank you note tied around the top!

3. Desserts

First, who doesn't love food? Second, who doesn't love sweets? You can make them mini, which is always adorable, and by adding a little ribbon and putting it in a cute box, it will be a hit throughout your guest! From mini pies to s'mores, and donuts to macarons, everyone will find something to love about it! Another idea is to have cute to-go boxes at the dessert bar at your reception so people can take a piece of the wedding home with them!

4. Coffee

Another great idea is coffee! Most people love coffee, and if they don't, they must know someone who does! You can either give coffee grounds or beans of your favorite flavors! It's such a wonderful and personal gift, especially if you love coffee as much as we do! We are so on board with this gift!

5. Charity Donations

If you don't like gifts as much, than doing a charity donation is a great route to go! Show your guests what your favorite charity is, and have them help you give a donation to the less unfortunate! This is a wonderful, different, and unique gift that everyone will remember forever!

6. Ornaments

We all love putting beautiful and sentimental ornaments on the tree. If you're family is really into Christmas or just the holidays, this is a great gift for you to give to your guests! It can be as detailed as fancy ornaments, or it can be as simple as carving your initials and date into wood. Either way, your guests will love it just like you! (This is a great gift if you are having a Fall/Winter wedding).

7. Food Ingredients

With the trend of weddings leading to outdoors, rustic, and DIY, this is a great gift to give to your guests. You can be a part of all of their dishes, but if they don't use it, at least you'll be in their kitchen forever! By giving items such as honey, jam, and olive oil, you can spice it up with your own unique style which is a beautiful token of gratitude!

8. Water Bottles

We think this is such a fun idea! Everyone needs water bottles, so the practicality is there. Monogramed and wedding details on it make it a memory for all! Who said you couldn't have a little humor with your gifts? This is such a creative way of giving something that is memorable.

9. Recipe Books

If you are really into cooking and baking, this is the perfect gift! Sometimes there isn't enough time to get desserts for everyone, but if you give them your favorite dessert and meal recipes, especially if you are known for your cooking, you are giving a piece of yourself to everyone! Mini or regular, they will love you for it!

10. Bottle Openers

Bottle Openers don't come in the typical metal and silver style anymore. There are so many unique ones today, from looking like a key to a stiletto, that you don't have to give a common bottle opener. If you and your spouse are into different bottled alcohols and you have an open bar at your wedding, this is a wonderful gift to show who you are and keep the theme going!

These are our Top Ten ideas, but there are so many more that are great wedding guest gifts as well. By doing something that is different, fun, and personal, everyone will surely love what you give them!

If you want to check out all of our weddings, go to our Instagram and Facebook to see more about us!

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