DIY Wedding

We always love a good DIY wedding here at Bella Rose Estate! Thankfully with Pinterest, it may seem like you can DIY any part of your wedding! While we advise leaving most of the items up to wedding professionals like photography, cake, dj & catering - there are a few things that you can certainly tackle on your own!

Here is some advice on how to have that DIY Wedding without stressing too much:

Create a Candy/Dessert Bar

You can easily create a unique cake & dessert DIY bar! Here's our suggestions on how to achieve this look

1. Have you cake bakery separate the tiers of the cake to make more of a unique spread

2. Purchase mis-matched china plates and serving platters from Goodwill, Michaels, Target or the Dollar Tree!

3. Plan out your spread on your kitchen table before the big day! That way you'll know exactly how items will be placed and there is no question about it on your big day!

Wedding Programs

This is a fun and personal touch you can add to your wedding that no one else will have, since it will be so individualized! Making wedding programs nice and elegant is something you can do on your own! You can also do cutouts and make them into cute fans.

1. Look up personalized wedding programs on Etsy

2. Print them at home

3. Attach thick popsicle sticks to them

Voila - you have a wedding program and fan for those sunny Arizona days!

Wedding Favors

Create a home made favor that you can give to your guests! This could be anywhere from honey, jams, beer, pie, cookies & more!