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Summer Cocktail Ideas

It’s no secret that Arizona’s weather is blazing hot! We love to take advantage of the hot weather and experiment with a few summer cocktails! You can add any of these summer cocktails to your wedding day for a unique and fun way to let your guests cool down. Below we have four cooling summer cocktails idea perfect for your big wedding day, 4th of July party, or just for a fun summer day!

Remember those summer days where all you had was a snow cone to cool down? Well I have the perfect cocktail for you! This cocktail sure looks like a snow cone, don’t you think? Perfect for that 100+ degree weather we’re having!

Calling all of our beach babes! This Mermaid inspired cocktail will make you feel like you’re laying on the sandy beach. Perfect for all my mermaids!

Doesn’t watermelon just screams out hot, summer days? Or even perhaps, 4th of July? These fun refresher will make you wish you had an actual watermelon!

Last, but definitely not least! How can we forget about Arizona’s beautiful sunsets?! This drink was inspired by the sunset and what perfect way to drink this while actually watching the sun set!

If you're thinking of including any of these custom cocktails for your Arizona wedding at Bella Rose Estate, then you'll definitely have to reach out to our bartending company, Couple of Bartenders! The team at Couple of Bartenders are mobile bartenders and are also our in house bartending company at Bella Rose Estate. Their team will serve up delicious cocktails at your wedding, and can create a custom cocktail for you based on your preferences!

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