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What the Groom Can Do

We understand that the grooms usually hold little responsibility in the wedding planning process. Why is this? Since that can stem from many different factors, we want to make a list for the grooms on what they can do during the planning process that can be covered on all spectrums of involvement. From finding the vendors to just being the best support system in the world, brides and grooms will start to work together and the old stereotype of grooms getting to sit back and relax will be long gone.

Be a Part of It

This is for the grooms who are wanting to be highly involved and who are wanted to be involved by their brides. This level of involvement and planning has to do with having opinions, doing some research, finding out what both you and your brides’ needs and wants are, and simply giving your input and suggestions. Putting in this level of work for your wedding will definitely show that you are invested, excited, and ready to marry her. It also shows that you are wanting to be a part of the big things when spending your lives together and that there will always be equal responsibility for the both of you when it comes to making decisions. Understand that there is some bride control in the stereotypical things such as choosing the right color scheme, floral arrangements, and choosing the right registry items, but doing your research and keeping in mind what you both like is what will make this part of the wedding easy to work on together.

Find a Support System

While you and your bride are each other’s support system, it is so crucial that you both have support systems outside of your relationship. Together, you have your family to look to for support. But it is okay to have your own separate support systems such as your bridal party and groomsmen. These are the people that will help you keep things into perspective and not let the stress get to you. Ultimately, they are the ones who keep your wedding planning and wedding day from becoming a complete nightmare. Just always keep in mind that communicating and asking these people for support is what will help make this process and enjoyable and successful one.

Be a Support System

Now this task is a little more menial but oh-so-important and should be done no matter the dynamics of you wedding planning process. If your bride just cannot find time to finalize your invitations, coordinate a way to get them ordered, stamped, and mailed out. If she is having a hard time thinking of a color palette for your wedding, show some interest and compliment her creative ways. If she just can’t handle any of it anymore, sit her down and grab her a glass of wine. But most importantly, showing your interest in helping with this process is what will make your wedding day for the both of you. Communicating by asking what you can do or how you can help is the number one thing that we have found to help grooms be more involved in their wedding planning process. After all, this is your day too and you deserve to play a part in planning it.

While this is a new idea for most grooms, we hope that you take these tips with you through your wedding planning process and communicate to your bride that you want this day to be for the both of you. This is the ultimate celebration no for family, not for cool wedding décor, and not for having the best food on the menu, but for you two as a couple. Working together on it is what will make this celebration one of your biggest accomplishments together. Happy planning and best of luck to the both of you!

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