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How to Document Your Big Day

Since a wedding day can be filled with a tight schedule and a lot of people, it can be hard to really lock all the memories into your mind. These are memories that you’ll want to have forever, so documenting them is the way to go. Since you can’t do this all on your own, having a strategy is what will help you out a little. Read on to find out how you can have certain people help you document the day while you are doing the loving, laughing, and dancing.


We know this one is obvious, but there are others ways you can capture pictures of the big day other than just a professional photographer. Don’t forget about pictures of the guests with things like photo booths or selfie sticks. You can also give out polaroid cameras to some or all of the guests and have them take pictures of you and your newlywed. This can be so fun as you’ll be able to see so many different perspectives of your wedding day. This might mean a lot of film printouts but just think about the beauty in flipping through a wedding album some day in the future. Regardless of all the technology now-a-days, that’s still a priceless moment!

Hand Written Letters

Photo via AZ Photos

Again, this one can be interesting with some guest interaction. Having your guests write you a best of luck letter can leave you with some incredibly kind words and perspective on how much they love you. Think of it as a guest love letter. All they would have to do is give advice, say what they wish for you in the future, how much they love you, their favorite thing about you two, and how they will always remember your wedding day. Get ready for some tears!


This has also become quite a big trend in the past couple of years and we are in love with it. Not only can you do a romantic couple shoot pre-wedding, but during the wedding is when some really beautiful (or funny) moments can be caught on tape. There’s nothing quite like seeing the biggest moments of your day recorded in action. Another fun way to utilize film? Hire your cinematographer to hold exit interviews of your guests about the fun time that they had and what they wish for you two in the future. This will surely make you tear up and always be one of your best keepsakes.

A Task for the MOH

As your maid of honor is most likely your best friend, she is going to have a lot to say about you on your big day. All she wants is your happiness so seeing that happen for you will make her duties as a MOH very fulfilling. If you want to give her one more task, have her take note of what she sees about you and your new husband/wife on your big day. This can be a “remember this day” letter where she documents how happy and beautiful you looked, how much your family cried although you might not have seen it, or the look on your spouse’s face as soon as you walked down the aisle. Again, more and more tears.

Thanks for reading along on how to document your big day. These ideas are meant to be implemented as just a last-minute idea. Remembering every detail of that day can be tricky, but you’ll want to capture as many as possible. Utilizing the help of your photographer, guests, cinematographer, and maid of honor will make for some special documented memories down the road. Just make sure to grab yourself a box of tissues!

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