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Unique Wedding Dresses

It can be hard to know what your personal style is. This means that straying away from the basic dresses out there is even harder. Don’t be intimidated and give yourself time to not only try dresses on but maybe even change your mind. Start with the basics about yourself and go with your heart when it comes to choosing a dress. Most importantly, have patience and don’t give up!

Champagne Glitz

The best part about a champagne colored dress is that whether it’s glitzy or glamified, it can make quite the subtle entrance. Largely seen on the red carpet during the 2017 Oscars, wearing a champagne dress opens so many doors for accessory, hair, and makeup coordination. Sport a smokey eye with loose waves or a clean up-do with a more natural look. The choice is up to you! A champagne dress also goes so well with this year’s top floral trends.

Photo via Ange Etoiles

Hues in Tulle

If you’re brave enough to have color throughout your dress, then this is your year! Again, the best part about a color slip underneath some tulle is the subtlety. You can also use this as a way to bring out bolder pops of color in your bouquet or décor. Be brave and go all the way with this one!

Vine Embellishment

This one is definitely a mood-setter and we love it! If you’re looking to add a nice flow to your wedding vibe, viney embellishments go well with almost any sort of dark-toned bouquet and forestry-like décor. A dress with these unique embellishments also relieves the pressure from choosing the perfect bridesmaid dresses. Whether your bride tribe wears dark or muted tones, you are the one everybody is looking at. We would say this one is for you moody babes!

Photo via Wedding Forward


Have you ever thought it to be impossible that a store would have the perfect you dress? We’ve seen that problem many times and sometimes, you just have the job done yourself. Whether you design it based on your body type or personal style, this is where you see the true unique dress come to life. Don’t be afraid to invest some of your budget into this part of your wedding. Some of us have pretty “demanding” body types due to the wedding dress industry being unforgiving at times. You want to be and feel as comfortable as possible on your big day and this can be the perfect way to do it. Also, how cool would it be to put your designer skills to the test?

Photo via Wedd Book

Whether you need a glitzy, colorful, moody, or one of a kind dress, there is the perfect dress out there for you. Overall, remember that this is your experience and you have to give yourself some time to relax and mentally prepare. Sit down and think about what you really like and what your personal style is. Pinterest your heart out until you get the inspiration you need. Best of luck and go crazy in your own unique way!

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