Wedding Trends of 2017

It's been three months but some wedding trends of 2017 have already appeared. It’s time to take a look at all of the creativity that's popped up in the wedding world so far! While the wedding industry has been blessed with some really cool ideas in the way of sentiment and presentation, here are some specifics that we have absolutely fallen in love with and that are easy to tackle and afford. Read on to see!


Letting nature do the work for you is the way to go when it comes to presentation. From the desert landscape as your engagement photo backdrop to a beautiful mountain as your altar background, setting your décor and wedding ambiance in a natural environment is the perfect way to make it all seem effortless and is much easier to afford! There have also been some great décor ideas that include greenery. Check out these super versatile boxwood foliage walls right here in Phoenix! You can work with greenery like this by hanging vintage frames for décor or drawing guests to attach their favorite written memories of you two. Don’t be afraid to get creative! The other great thing about greenery is how forgiving it is, allowing you to hang it all over the place or keeping it to minimal amount.

Photo via Ryann Lindsey

Simple Eats

Everyone loves a good four-main course, but that can get expensive and over-whelming for you and your guests. Thanks to the embrace of simplicity in 2017, feel free to have food for your guests, buffet or finger-food style. People are much more open to filling up on delicious hourdeurves and appetizers as long as they’re fresh, delicious and served in plenty!