Choosing the Perfect Bridesmaid Dress Ensemble

Choosing the perfect bridesmaids dress to compliment all of your ladies’ skin tone, body shape and personal style can be a tricky task!

There are so many different things to consider!

  • How many bridesmaids need to be accommodated for, what is the perfect budget for the dress,

  • can each of the bridesmaids afford to purchase their own, what color should I choose,

  • what color will look good on each bridesmaid, should each dress be a different color/style,

  • what’s the weather going to be like,

  • will each bridesmaid be happy,

  • how far should I go in considering their wants and needs…

This list could go on and on! Selecting the perfect bridesmaid’s dresses is such a crucial part of the wedding and ceremony. We really want to be here with some advice and suggestions to make your life a little easier. You have so many other decisions to make, that any little piece of advice on these bigger decisions should be there to not only cater the look of your wedding, but to your sanity as well. So all of you brides to be, we hope this helps you breathe and make some decisions in an efficient but educated way!


First, you’ll want to consider the weather. What is your wedding date? What will the weather be like at that time of year in your specific state? Here in Arizona, we can safely say that sleeveless dresses are an OK in October just as they are in Aril or May.

The Bridesmaid Budget

This is probably the biggest issue that you’ll have when it comes to making a decision about dresses. The key to tackling it is communication. Talking about each bridesmaid’s budget on an individual basis will not only show that you care about them being in your wedding but that you want them to be able to actually afford it. Feel free to set a minimum price. This can be done by looking at what type of style and color dress that you are most likely going to want. Here is a guide that can help you determine the overall prices of certain colors and styles of dresses.

The Ensemble

What are they all going to wear? Will there be a mixture of colors and patterns or will all of your bridesmaids be matching? Here are a few different options.

Same Dress Same Color

This is the most basic choice of bridesmaid dress ensembles, as it is typically the easiest and the most affordable. If your bridesmaids don’t call for too much maintenance, just stick to choosing a dress color that goes well with your wedding scheme but doesn’t clash of course. You don’t want to have too much of one or two colors. You can also do this with accents or patterns rather than just colors. Gold sequined dresses are all the rage as of late and can really go with any season!

Same Color Different Dress

This trend has become quite popular within the past ten years. We’re sure that you’ve seen photos of a great group of bridesmaids in a beautiful lavender tone, but all of the dresses are a different cut. The style of the dresses don’t have to be the same but the color can stay the same or be chosen on a monochromatic scale. Meaning, all of the dress are a certain shade of purple