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The Best At-Home Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine's day is right around the corner! Ditch the traditional dinner date Valentine's day plans and do something different with your hubby this year! We've organized a few ideas for you below to have a fun + unique Valentine's day

Make Your House into a Home Restaurant

Photo via Wild Pony

To keep it very simple, all you need is a few tealight candles, some flowers in a vase (separate from the bouquet that you give to your significant other), a delicious meal food like pasta and ice cream, and a nice light setting to the room you decide to have dinner in.

Here's a few simple + easy steps to take your at home Valentine's date to the next level.

-Buy 5 helium heart balloons (Dollar store) and let them naturally space out around the room

-Create a personalized playlist with both of your favorite songs + some classic love songs (Spotify)

-If you have the movie, pop on The Notebook in the background and just let it run on mute

-Set your room lighting to pretty dark, where the candles do all the lighting for you

We know that some of these seem really cheesy, but they are just an easy way of setting the mood without spending too much money on décor or having to go out and deal with the busy restaurant waits times.

Wine Tasting

Photo via Nicole Franzen

Again, don’t get scared off by these deliciously pictured wine and bruschetta boards. You can truly have any type of food that you want. Whether it’s gourmet bruschetta you both decided to whip up or if you decide to stick a pizza in the oven, just find something that will go well with wine! If you want it to specifically be a wine night, take it as an opportunity to try some of the wines that you’ve always wanted to experience and then have fun with it!

Here are some of the main wines to try if you haven’t dabbled in it much and what to pair it with (cheese, main course, sweets):

-Riesling: Havarti, spicy/Asian types of food, white chocolate

-Chardonnay: Brie, chicken, truffles

-Sauvignon Blanc: Gruyere, salad with a light dressing, dark chocolate

No pressure on this fun and easy idea, as we know it could be something you’re just doing as a trial run. Plus, it’s mostly to pair it with a smorgasbord of your favorites foods! Don’t forget to take advantage of wine prices at places like BevMo!, where it’s BOGO $.5 for some bottles of wine. Add our “go-to-at-home setup” and you have absolutely out done yourselves!

Movie Night

Photo via Buzzfeed

While this might look like a lot of work, all you should focus on is throwing every single blanket, mattress, and pillow that you own into the living room! A string of lights will definitely give some mood to the fort,but make sure you don’t over complicate something that is supposed to be so fun that even a 5 year old could do. Order a pizza with your favorite toppings, some refreshments, and movie theater candy and you are good to go! When it comes to picking your favorite movies, that one is up to you. We of course suggest some cheesy rom-coms and tear-jerkers. Get cozy and have fun with this one!

Please know that these ideas are very versatile. Meaning, they can be put on for a party of one, two, or ten! The age requirements for each idea can vary but putting on a Valentine’s celebration with kids can always be easily accommodated with baby sitters, sleepovers, and just wanting to spend some time with them too. You also have some time before the 14th, so feel free to get creative with think of some spin-off ideas. Ultimately, keeping these few things in mind will help you have a successful Valentine's Day no matter where you are or who you'r ewith: have fun, show your person/people that you care, and get creative!

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