The Best At-Home Valentine's Day Ideas

Valentine's day is right around the corner! Ditch the traditional dinner date Valentine's day plans and do something different with your hubby this year! We've organized a few ideas for you below to have a fun + unique Valentine's day

Make Your House into a Home Restaurant

Photo via Wild Pony

To keep it very simple, all you need is a few tealight candles, some flowers in a vase (separate from the bouquet that you give to your significant other), a delicious meal food like pasta and ice cream, and a nice light setting to the room you decide to have dinner in.

Here's a few simple + easy steps to take your at home Valentine's date to the next level.

-Buy 5 helium heart balloons (Dollar store) and let them naturally space out around the room

-Create a personalized playlist with both of your favorite songs + some classic love songs (Spotify)

-If you have the movie, pop on The Notebook in the background and just let it run on mute

-Set your room lighting to pretty dark, where the candles do all the lighting for you

We know that some of these seem really cheesy, but they are just an easy way of setting the mood without spending too much money on décor or having to go out and deal with the busy restaurant waits times.

Wine Tasting

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