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How to Make Your Guests Happy

Yes, it is your big day, but since you include your guests as part of this whole experience, you are going to have to keep them and their happiness into consideration when planning. Please don't stress, as this is successfully done by focusing on the little, interactive things! From the goodie bags to the food, just know that your guests are only there for you and these little things will only make them love you all the more. Keep it simple and happy planning!

Welcome Bags

There is nothing better than receiving a stocked goodie bag. It's even better when the goodie bag is stuffed with useful things. Whether it's snacks, water, or hangover helpers treating your guests will help them leave happy and hold your wedding day as an unforgettable


Signs are a way to communicate with your guests. They can share the details of the day, departure times, a drink menu, and where to find the reception room. We love seeing clearly marked signage around our space! Information expressed through signage will help your guests with direction and they will appreciate the details you clearly worked so hard on.

Pre-Ceremony Refreshments

Give your guests a selection of drinks when they arrive. They will love you for this! There is inevitably a lot of waiting that your guests have to do, so giving them fun drinks to enjoy and gather conversation over is something they are sure to appreciate. This is one of the most crucial tips in satisfying your guests- keeping them hydrated!

Photo via Michaela Rae

A Variety of Food

Catering to your guests' allergies will show that you care. Try and have a couple of options prepared for those certain people, as things like this tend to come up as a surprise and at the very last second. Not everyone is a meat eater and not everyone can handle tofu.

So, when planning your menu make sure to cover those basic corners. Keeping a neutral menu plus a few "surprise" options for both the appetizers and the main course will only make your life easier. For example, you might be serving chicken as the main course. Including really great salad and bruschetta options might be your super hero foods for any vegetarians in the crowd.

Photo via Happy Wedd

Provide a Break from Uncomfortable Shoes

There is nothing worse than cramping feet. They can really put a damper on the mood of your day and the fun time that your guests should be having. Providing socks or flip flops will ensure they are comfortable and can dance all night if they really want to!

All in all, keeping your guests' happiness in mind is ultimately keeping your happiness in the lead. Sticking to a simple strategy when it comes to making others happy on a day that is supposed to be all about will allow it to be just that- yours. A little more interested on how your guests can keep you happy? Check out our latest blog post on Unique Wedding Registries!

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