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Unique Wedding Registries

Photo: Karlee K Photography

One of the many amazing things about getting married is making your special day unique to you. There are countless ways of doing, but we have some suggestions on how to make your Wedding Registry different. Who actually needs self sharpening knifes?

The Honeymoon Fund

A blender or five nights in Hawaii? The Honeymoon Registry is one of the best unconventional registry options for asking guests to make a financial contribution to your honeymoon. It is a win for both you and your guests, why? They don’t feel like that are dropping money on useless gift and you get to go on a post wedding getaway!

The Charity Registry

Bring you passions to you wedding! If you are feeling generous, this is a great option for you on your wedding day. You can have guests make donations in your names to causes you feel deeply about. You can select a few charities so your guests can donate to something they care about as well.

The Downpayment Plan

A car, a house, maybe a boat? Yep, this is where the downpayment registry can come into play. The idea is instead of registering for a bunch of small things, you register for something big! Your guests can all chip in and help you reach your goal. Think of it as campaigning for something you really care about.

The Gift Card Registry

Have your wedding guests can send you gift cards! Why would this be the best idea? Well, you can pick out your own gifts. If you don't have space right away or are moving, you can wait till you are settled. The list goes on but gift cards are always a good idea.

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