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Pick the Right Wedding Hashtag!

Photo by: Karamele Stationery

On your special day you won't be the only one snapping and sharing. If you haven’t already you should start brainstorming your wedding hashtag. This hashtag will be your wedding tag line! It can be overwhelming but we have some tips for you!

Use the right characteristics.

The trick is to get punny, but make sure everyone still understands it. Make it easy for your guest to read by capitalizing the first letter of each word. If you are struggling to make an unused hashtag use numbers for a simple way to set it apart.

Don't overthink it.

Time to get creative! You want to make your hashtag easy to remember. If it is complicated no one will use it. Making your hashtag funny will add to your hashtag. Need help? Try adding a “wedding word” like “hitch”, “sayyesto”, or “newlyweds” to hook your guests.

Make it unique.

Be open for some trial and error. Anyone on Instagram or Twitter can make a hashtag, so you need to make sure no one has used yours before. You don’t want your collection of Instagram wedding photos to be mixed with a stranger’s. Test search for the #hashtag on Instagram and twitter to see if it has be used. Crucial tip is to double check right before the wedding!

Happy tagging!

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