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Tradition with a Twist

When it comes time to planning your wedding, it is a monumental moment in your life. It's an event that only happens once, and you definitely want to make sure it is special. This time is supposed to be fun, crazy, loving, and inspiring!

This moment is laden with tradition, from what song you play while walking down the aisle to how you leave your reception. It should be seeped in tradition, however, there is always ways of modernizing it. Below are some ideas on how to create that tradition, but with a twist!

Bringing the church outside

With the tradition having been getting married inside the church, the non-traditional thing to do is getting married outside. However, that is becoming even so common nowadays that people want to go back to weddings inside the church. A great way of putting a twist on this tradition is bringing the church outside. It's a fun, sentiment, and traditional way of doing your wedding, but putting a spin on it that everyone will remember.

The Guest Book

Instead of sticking to the traditional book and having the guest write you sentimental messages, you could have them make a video, write little notes and put it in a jar or wine bottle, or even still have a written guest book, but just not in a book. There are so many ways you can make this unique and different by just changing the place the notes your guest write go. You can get as creative with this as you would like, and it's a great way to show off your personality!

The Wedding Cake

The typical wedding cake is tiered, white, and elegant. This is such a traditional way to serve up dessert at a wedding, and you can change it up in so many ways. First, you can get rid of the cake and just go with a pastries bar. Second, you have cupcakes or mini cakes instead of one traditional cake. Third, you can make your wedding cake unique by having different colors, decorations, and flavors as the actual cake. Finally, you take the route of finding desserts from around the world that would be served at a wedding. By doing this, you're staying traditional but putting your own twist on it.

The Invitations

In this modern day, there are so many different things you can print on. Why not print your invitations on something besides paper, so that your guests will have something unique to remember you buy. In doing so, this helps make your guests feel extremely special, included in your big day, and it makes your invitations stand out from the rest. Also, a plus is that it won't get mixed up with the rest of the mail, and they will want to hang it up on their fridge!

There are so many ways to make your wedding one-of-a-kind, but not shying away from the tradition that we all have come to love from weddings. By changing a few commonplace ways of a wedding, you are creating a monumental memory that all of your guests, and you will love. You'll be remembered as the bride that stuck with tradition that fit the 21st century. It's 2016! There should be a few rules broken so new ones can be put into place!

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