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Bridal Emergency Kit

While we always wish our brides a perfect and emergency free wedding day, we also know that sometimes life happens! From broken bridal zippers to spilled wine on bridesmaid dresses, there are so many little things that can pop up and put a kink in your wedding day!

But don't worry, we've got you covered. Here is a list of items you should keep in with you, making a 911 Emergency Bridal Kit for that big day when everything can go wrong.

Must Have Items- 100% need to be in the kit

-Sewing Kit: just in case anything rips or tears

-Stain Remover: a white dress and a ton of color can make for the prettiest brown stain

-Cell Phone Chargers: you will be calling and checking up on everyone that day

-Deodorant: it will get overwhelming and hot, so help yourself stay fresh the entire event

-Tissues: to help dab lipstick, makeup, and wipe away those emotions that are starting

-Safety pins: sometimes a good old safety pin will do the trick rather than sewing

-Bobby pins: your hair stylist will have some, but it's never bad to be too prepared

-Headache Medicine: there is so much happening that your head will start throbbing

-Contacts: have everyones contacts that are important for those just-in-case-moments

In case of an Emergency- not necessary but you'll want to have it

-eye drops: you don't want to be rubbing your eyes all night and ruining your makeup

-Extra makeup: your makeup artist will have but you never know when you'll need a touchup

-Contact Solution: if you wear contacts, this is definitely required

-Earring Backs: they just like to fall out and you want them for all the pictures

-Chapstick: you'll be talking all night, so don't make those lips dry

-Lotion: to keep your body feeling healthy and happy

-Gum/mint: to keep your breath feeling minty fresh

-Snacks: so you don't forget to eat throughout the day and then faint right before your big moment

Like to Have Items- great items to have

-Baby powder: gets stains out of white dresses

-Straightener/curling iron: your hairdresser will have everything, but just in case

-Iron: if there is last minute ironing needed on both the grooms' and brides' side

-Straws: easy way to drink without ruining your lipstick

This seems like a lot, but trust us, you will want to have your kit there with you. So many people will be dolling you up for the big day, asking you questions, and you'll want to make sure everything is going according to plan. Throughout everything a spill can happen, your hair can get undone, or you can start getting a headache. Don't let anything stop you from walking down the aisle and enjoying your day! So make sure you're prepared as possible!

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Photo: Cilento Photography

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