Wedding Hair Styles

Today on the blog we're sharing our favorite hair styles for your wedding day! Your wedding hair style should reflect your personality and style while also complimenting your bridal own! If you are wearing a gown with a high neck, we suggest wearing your hair up to show off those shoulders and high neckline! If you have a one shoulder dress, sweep your hair to the opposite side to balance the style.

Here are some ways you can have your hair done beautifully for a wedding:

1. Braided Crown Bun

This look has that elegant and sophisticated look that a lot of brides would want on their big day! The braid can give your bun a lot more detail than just a simple bun. This style is perfect for your special day! The crown bun is not your typical bun as it big, bold, and a little messy! There's a magical princess effect created from this style, that it is just perfect!

2. Braided Bun

Similarly to the Braided Crown Bun, this look has a braid and a bun. However, the difference is that this bun is made out of the braid! It basically looks like a bunch of knots created through the intertwining of hair, which forms the shape of a bun. It takes buns to a whole new level, and it is perfect for brides without a veil, or guests who have a simple dress.