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Inspirational Wedding Trends

Some couples, most specifically brides, have dreamed of their wedding since they were a little girl! They've had their wedding colors, theme, dress and details all planned for years before Pinterest came around! Others may not have even imagined getting married until they met their perfect match. This week's blog post serves two purposes - to show you how versatile Bella Rose Estate can be and also to provide you with inspiration for your big day! Our venue has a unique Santa Barbara vibe, but we've hosted themed weddings from rustic to romantic!

If you have no clue on what to do, here are some 2016 wedding trends that we thought were beautiful, elegant, and fun!

Hawaiian Themed Wedding

We're in love with this wedding! First, because the couple chose a romantic destination theme, without leaving the state! We like the idea of the actual ceremony where the couple and their bridal party each put soil in a plant, to symbolize the growth and putting down roots of their marriage. It also brings together the nature of Hawaii and giving back to the Earth. The groomsmen and bridesmaid all had beach-style clothing, which was romantic, flowing, and nonrestrictive. The couple even had the cake designed with gold waves painted on it!

Gold Royalty Wedding

One thing that our venue emulates is romance. When you walk into our venue you can hear the trickling waterfalls and the birds chirping! It's almost as if you've walked into a fairy tale in the middle of Arizona! A fairy tale wedding reminds of us golds, glamour and royalty. By having the bridesmaids in all gold shimmery dresses, the bride stands out with her simple, yet detailed white wedding gown. The bridesmaids add a great vibrancy and heir of royalty. The men are all wearing extremely sophisticated black tuxes, with the groom switching it up with a silver vest and tie. This compliments the dresses perfectly, and keeps this theme of modesty meets royalty. Finally, the cake matches the elegance and simplicity of the wedding! The three tiers with different details creates a romantic feeling that you don't get with over-the-top cakes, but with the gold, it is very royal.

Boy meets Girl

This a great theme to make both the groom and the bride happy on their big day! The bridesmaids are all wearing pastel colored pink bridesmaid dresses that compliment the bride's dress perfectly! The groomsmen are all wearing silver tuxes with a pastel pink tie, while the groom is wearing a dark navy blue tux with a pastel pink tie. As you can see, the groomsmen are matching the detail on the brides dress and the their color, where as the bridesmaids are matching the pink tie the groom is wearing! The flower girl is wearing a simple and beautiful dress that takes the blue of the grooms tux, and the sparkles of the brides dress. The cake even matches everyone by having blue ribbon on the bottom of each tier, just like the flower girl, has a pastel pink rose, just like the bouquets, and has gold shimmery dots, just like the brides dress! We love how the couple chose complimenting colors and stayed true to the theme throughout their big day!

These are just a few of the themes and trends Bella Rose has seen over the past year! There are plenty more ideas to choose from, and we can't wait to see the trends of this fall wedding season!

If you want to see more beauty of Bella Rose Estate, check out our Instagram!

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