8 Alternative Wedding Cake Options

Don't get us wrong - we love a good beautiful cake (especially one from our friends at Piece of Cake Desserts!) However, we know that wedding cake isn't for everyone! While we love ourselves some wedding cake, we always think it is so cool when our couples step outside of the 'dessert box'! Here are a few of our favorite non wedding cake dessert options!

1. Tiered Donuts

You can never go wrong with donuts! We especially love this design with the ombre frosting colors. You can have your donuts match your wedding colors. How cool is that!?

2. Macaroon Tower

These French inspired cookies are perfectly served with coffee or tea, and create that luxurious aspect to your wedding that you can't just get from the traditional cake!

3. Assorted individual pies

Having individually pies that are an assortment of flavors is such a unique and delicious change from a cake! The buttery and flaky crust to the warm gooey filling will be a crowd pleaser with everyone! By creating cute labels on each one that matches the wedding theme, flavors that represent the bride and groom's personalities - no one will even miss the cake!

4. Cupcake Bar

If you don't want to stray too far from wedding cake, opt for a cupcake tower! Mini cupcakes are such an easy and simple way to go, but still unique and classy. You can even match the cupcake wrappers to your wedding colors and theme!

5. Crepes/Waffle/Pancake Cake

We couldn't decide which one would taste better, so we put all three as an option! These options are perfect for those who love breakfast for dinner! You can have your waffles, pancakes or crepes stacked layers on layers with so many different flavors!

6. Cake Pops