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5 Swoon-Worthy Wedding Color Trends

Love is in the air, and fall is upon us. With the changing of the seasons, autumn is in and summer is out! We're looking forward to seeing all of the new color pallets for our fall 2016 weddings. Warm tones, romantic atmosphere, and beautiful fall weddings are what this season calls for. Are you looking for the perfect colors for a swoon-worthy wedding? Check out our favorite fall wedding color pallets below!


Purple is a wedding color that is always used as a detail color in weddings throughout the season. In the springtime, lavender is extremely popular. However, for an elegant and classy wedding, try using eggplant. This dark, romantic tone is just what the season called for. Add a mixture of gold, champagne, and bazaar to create a feeling of regal and wealth.


This gorgeous color has such a deep wine color to it that it almost reminds you of marsala, but with a more chestnut hue. The richness of the mixture between red and brown creates a wonderful combination for the fall season. A wedding that embodies burgundy will unveil a deadly combination of antique and modern.

Rustic Gray

Granite gray is a perfect undertone to a palate mixed with tan and lavender that will give any wedding an earthy look. These colors create a rustic, outdoorsy, and whimsical feeling that any bride would feel like a princess walking through.

English Green

Green is now being used as a dominant color in weddings, which is change from the accent in previous years. This color exemplifies a gentle feeling that mixes well with nature. This combination evokes the perfect calmness for a romantic celebration. Combine this with light grey and gold, and you will definitely be the bride of the year.


Besides putting it on your hamburgers and hotdogs, mustard is a trendy color for the fall 2016 season. This color is bright and eye-catching, but also subtle and somber. The duality that is played through this color is marvelous, as it creates boldness yet shyness, and is unique yet common allows for this color to be extremely versatile. It’s a wonderful color that pair wonderfully well with crème, light grey, browns, blues, and outdoors greens.

We're looking forward to having some of these gorgeous fall wedding colors at Bella Rose Estate this fall!

If you're looking or more wedding inspiration, be sure to check us out on Instagram @bellaroseaz

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