Is It Tacky To Invite People to the After Party, But Not the Wedding?

November 3, 2015

Wedding etiquette rules are not even by far as stiff as they used to be. And yet, there are certain “unwritten laws” of wedding planning you should still keep in mind – no matter how non-traditional you want your wedding to be.



For instance, have you considered whether or not it would be tacky to invite people to the after party, but not the wedding? If you have asked yourself this question and you want to find out more about it, make sure to read on because we have gathered some of the most important tips on the subject.

  • In general, inviting people to the after party and not to the wedding can be considered to be rude and tacky. Some guests may feel offended by the fact that you did not consider them to be important enough to join you for at least one of the two big events of the day (ceremony and/or reception).

  • However, it all depends on how you do this as well. If you plan on having a very intimate ceremony and a very small cocktail affair afterwards (and no sit-down dinner), inviting some people just for the after party may be acceptable.

  • Keep in mind though: if you do this, you shouldn’t expect your after party guests to bring any gifts. Sure, they may do this if they choose to, but it is generally considered that they are not “obliged” by rules of etiquette to bring a present.


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Photo source: Sailor Coruscant

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