How To STOP A Wedding Speech With Class

July 13, 2015

Wedding speeches can be emotional, touchy and unforgettable – but they can be complete disasters as well. How do you stop such a disaster from happening right in front of your eyes on the most important day of your life? How do you stop a wedding speech with tact and class? We have gathered some important tips so read on if you want to find out more.



  • Make sure someone’s in charge of people who have had one too many. Your Best Man is probably the most appropriate person to handle guests that are just a bit too…joyous (and that are most likely to deliver unexpected, embarrassing wedding speeches).

  • Make sure everyone is aware of the fact that you have already planned the toasts and include them in your wedding program. This way, most of the guests will avoid giving speeches that are unexpected.

  • Make sure you actually do rehearse the toasts. Although you may not want to listen them before the Big Day, you should at least lay some “ground rules” for what is OK to say and what is not.

  • If someone gives a speech that is bad, allow your Best Man or Maid of Honor to gracefully end it. This way, your guest will not feel directly embarrassed by you.

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