5 Ideas For Your Winter Wedding

If you plan on having a winter wedding, you probably know already that you have made an amazing choice. If you want to get some inspiration for your own winter wedding, make sure to read on because we have put together a list of 5 amazing ideas you can easily incorporate into your own wedding too:

  • Blueberry color theme. Unless you want your wedding to be a Winter Wonderland-themed one, there’s no reason not to bring some color into your décor. This year, blueberries have been very popular – and not just when it comes to the cake, but also when it comes to the bouquet and flower arrangements too. Even more, a blueberry shade of blue at the foundation of your color scheme will bring enough color to your wedding and still keep it within the “winter realm” too.

  • Dripping crystals/strings of lights. Strings of crystals and/or lights can add a lot even to the simplest ceremony site or reception venue, so don’t be afraid to use them. For a Winter Wonderland-themed wedding, combine them with white rose gardens and/or peonies and create beautiful décor that will make everyone feel like living in a fairy-tale.

  • Champagne-colored or silver-colored wedding gowns are an excellent choice for an elegant and yet non-traditional wedding. If you don’t want to give up on the traditional white dress, you can have a dress with champagne or silver embellishments or you can pair your white dress with champagne or silver shoes and accessories too.

  • Glitter and sparkles. Glitter is a very nice addition to a winter wedding precisely because it add dimension and glamor even if your wedding is monochromatic. You can use it on everything from your shoes to your bridesmaids dresses and from the centerpiece vases to the table linens – however, make sure you don’t use too much of it if you want to keep it elegant and stylish.

  • Luxurious, rich red roses. This works especially with late winter weddings that fall around Valentine’s Day, but it can look marvelous with just about any other type of winter wedding theme too. Pair big bouquets of red roses with a white/cream-themed wedding and everything will look spectacular.

If you are still searching for a wedding venue for your Big Day, don’t forget to stop by Bella Rose Estate too. Our romantic venue is here, waiting for you to plan the most important day of your life – and we guarantee the “setting” we provide you with will truly make for an unforgettable wedding!

Photo source: flickr.com/Maggie Winters

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