French Industrial Wedding Ideas

Oh, the French! Of all the people on Earth, the French really do seem to have a thing for everything elegant and everything romantic. No wonder then that so many people choose to have their weddings inspired by France-related themes!

A French Industrial wedding theme will combine the “romantic” with the “urban” and it will sprinkle everything with a very “French” feeling. Creating such a wedding can be a challenge especially because you have to combine pieces of décor that are completely different from one another: rusty metals with lace, delicate flowers with vintage objects and so on. And yet, the results will be remarkably unique and beautiful too!

Which are the best French Industrial wedding theme ideas? Read on and find your inspiration.

  • Empty bottles and Mason jars. Use empty bottles and Mason jars as décor for your wedding. They work fantastically well as vases for the centerpieces and as table placement “cards” as well, but you can really be creative with them. If you want to, spray-paint them with antique-like colors or with mercury-like colors so that they look vintage and “rusty”.

  • A naked cake on a rusty stand. Have your pastry chef create a naked cake without any kind of frosting and place it on a “rusty” stand. Any kind of stand can be spray-painted to look really antique and to contribute to your wedding theme.

  • Create a special-looking candy bar. Place your plates full of candy and cookies on a vintage table that is covered in lace-y linens. For some extra “vintage” feeling, place some old suitcases or luggage on the table as well and use them as “stands” for your candy bar.

Bella Rose Estate will make for a perfect French-inspired wedding. Come visit us and take a look around – we guarantee you’ll fall in love in an instant!

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