Beautiful Centerpiece Ideas For Fall Weddings

There’s something unique and full of romance when it comes to fall weddings and a lot of people out there feel very strongly towards tying the knots on one of this season’s months. If you have decided to have your own fall wedding too, check out with the following centerpiece ideas to fit into your theme – we guarantee you’ll love them!

  • Silk “fallen” leaves. Fallen leaves are among the most commonly encountered fall “motifs”, so why not bring them into your centerpieces? You can either create a centerpiece arrangement made entirely out of dried leaves or you can combine them with flowers, twigs and so on.

  • Withered flowers and twigs. Withered flowers can look absolutely stunning because they are romantic, slightly vintage and they have a good dose of uniqueness. Have your florist create centerpieces made out of withered flowers and twigs and your wedding tables will look beautiful!

  • Pumpkin vases. Who said you have to stick to the traditional vases when it comes to wedding centerpieces? Carved pumpkins can make for a really unique container for your flower arrangements too! For a dash of elegance and grace, spray paint the pumpkins with gold or with one of your wedding theme colors.

  • Bonsai trees. This may cost you more, but having small “naked” trees as centerpieces can work really well. Dress them up with jewelry, bows and other such items to soften up their appearance and to add some grace to their “look”.

  • As for colors, yellow, orange, red and plum purple work best with fall weddings so you can definitely get creative about your centerpieces’ colors too.

Here at Bella Rose Estate, we are madly in love with fall weddings. Our beautiful and elegant venue is ready to welcome brides and grooms in every season – and autumn makes absolutely no exception from this rule. Come and take a look at what we have prepared for you and your big day!

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